Westworld Season 3 ARG Drops 3 New Trick Trailers to View

Westworld Season 3 ARG Drops 3 New Trick Trailers to View

SPOILERS for Westworld seasons 1, 2, and discount material for season 3 listed below. Check out with care if you desire to enter into season 3 definitely blind.

While we have actually all been waiting patiently for Westworld season 3, a group of diehard fans has actually handled to dig through a phony site connected to an ARG (increased truth video game) for the program. While doing so, three new trailers for Westworld season 3 have been discovered.

According to a report from Westworld Watchers(by means of io9), Westworld fans dug through the genuine website for the really much phony Incite Inc, a shadowy company that appears to play a function in Westworld season 3. Particularly, Reddit user MTC_Chickpea discovered an overall of 3 trailers hidden in various areas on the website, which looks practically exactly like the vaguely west coast-ish media/tech company you ‘d see in any sinister sci-fi future tale.

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In spite of being published to YouTube on February 19, the 3 videos were unlisted, hence why it took a little web sleuthing from fans to discover them.

None of the trailers are extremely long, however they do provide a lots of new peeks at characters old and new, plus what stress there may be in between certain characters.

The very first trailer, entitled “Free Will Is Not Totally free,” displays characters like Aaron Paul’s character Caleb, plus Dolores, Ed Harris’ Man in Black, and Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard in different states of turmoil. It’s all intermittently separated by numerous littles text reading things like “escape is not flexibility,” and “disturbance is not change.”

Trailer 2, which clocks in at a heftier two minutes and forty seconds, follows Dolores far more carefully as she describes to Aaron Paul how the two are alike, and alludes to what they’re going to do about each other’s apparently connected plots in life. We also see Maeve get presented to a brand-new, very corporate-looking gentlemen who tasks her with finding and killing Dolores. Spread out throughout the trailer are a couple more shots from what seems a cars and truck chase through the streets of a city.

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The 3rd trailer, “When Caleb Meets Dolores,” is certainly the weirdest of them all, and is plainly a sort of dark parody of meet-cute romantic funny motion pictures like When Harry Met Sally. Set to some jaunty music, Aaron Paul and Dolores fulfill up, Dolores teases him with a couple of key tips about her strategies to start a revolution, and Paul remarks on how Dolores is the very first genuine thing to take place to him in a long time. If it weren’t for the shadowy lighting, scary celebrations with masked violinists, and, you know, the murder, it would absolutely pass for a trailer at your regional proving of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

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It’s unclear if this strange Incite Inc ARG has any other ideas delegated offer, however rest assured that the internet will most likely discover.

While you’re waiting for more Westworld season 3 teases to drop, have a look at the actual trailer that HBO debuted simply 2 days earlier, or take a look at the main poster

For more on Westworld, make certain to examine out Westworld Awakening – a VR video game where you play as a self-aware host, a behind the scenes look at season 2, and why the Guy in Black’s story is Westworld’s greatest tragedy.

Westworld season 3 debuts on HBO on March 15, 2020 at 9 P.M. Eastern Time.

Joseph Knoop is a writer/producer for IGN.